Stay safe,
Stay secure

Adapt to working safely
from home

51,4%* of us

are now ‘locked down’ at home and working remotely due to the current challenging situation

50% of organizations**

report that inappropriate use of IT resources by employees is the most common cause of cyber-incidents in their business


the average cost to SMBs of a cyber-incident caused by inappropriate use of IT resources

Good cyber-hygiene skills have never been more important.

The abrupt and unexpected shift to remote work in the current global situation has escalated cyber risks dramatically.

Kaspersky, a global cybersecurity vendor that protects over 400 million users worldwide, has partnered with Area9 Lyceum on Rhapsode™, the world’s first four-dimensional adaptive learning platform, to bring you a free 30-minute adaptive learning course: “Stay safe, Stay secure”. This course is designed for all who have either switched or will be in the process of switching to remote working now and maybe beyond.

What is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive learning suggests an individual learning path for every individual learner, depending on their current level of skills and knowledge – and their confidence in them. The adaptive learning platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms to constantly evaluate each learner as they go through the content, and adjusts their learning path accordingly. This approach ensures 100% efficiency, whatever the initial skills and speed of learning are.

And from June 2020, we have a new training offering joining our Security Awareness portfolio: Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training (KAOT), which is especially beneficial to larger enterprises. Please get in touch to find out more.

I’m responsible for HR/IT/Security/L&D in my company.
How can I share this course with my employees?

It couldn’t be easier – just distribute this link to your staff and colleagues, and urge them to take the course! If you need any more information or collateral to help you do this – email templates, for example – just ask your Kaspersky manager or get in touch with the Kaspersky Security Awareness team on [email protected].

(Please note that this free training course doesn’t include reporting. If you require detailed reporting, it’s an integral part of our professional Security Awareness edition. For more information about this, please get in touch.)

Can I get a complete cybersecurity course for my staff?

For sure! Kaspersky has a comprehensive portfolio of Security Awareness training programs that ensure strong skills retention for all categories of employees, in groups or individually. From top managers and IT professionals to PR people and everybody else. And most of our programs are online, so you can start protecting your team from cyberthreats right away!

Find out more on the Kaspersky Security Awareness website.

* As of 07.04.20, AFP database

** Kaspersky "IT security economics in 2019"