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Canadian Partners Speak: Life Inside Kaspersky United

Wednesday, August 12 at 11am (ET)

Meet our featured partners.

Martin Dubreuil
Advisory Services Director
B2B Cyber Secure
10-year VAR Partner

“The way they treat their partners is in the long run very securing. We do good business, they do good business. They rely on their partners and we rely on them.”

Jon Binkosky
Chief Operating Officer
10-year MSP Partner

“We used to have to sell multiple products to get what we provide to our customers today through the Kaspersky-powered engine we now have.”

Dan Driezen
Professional Services Manager
10-year VAR + MSP partner

“They are ‘partner-only’ versus ‘partner-first’ or ‘partner-sometimes, when it's not competing with another part of my business.’ Some other vendors, they have direct as well as channel business models. Kaspersky is strictly channel.”

Hear first-hand from your peers about Kaspersky.

What’s it really like to partner with Kaspersky in Canada? Get inside details directly from three long-time partners as they talk about their experiences with the Kaspersky United Partner Program. Learn about the technology, support and incentives that ensure resellers and MSPs an easier and more profitable path to success.

Get to know our
partner program.

  • Sell without direct competition. We’re 100% channel focused!
  • Increase your earnings with lucrative SPIF and deal reg opportunities.
  • Convert our marketing development fund (MDF), easily accessible collateral, event attendance and more into even more sales.
  • Offer far more than endpoint—including threat intel and security awareness.
  • Team with the most awarded protection in the world.
  • Keep customers happy with award-winning Canada-based support.

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Contact Trevor Serebro, Kaspersky Territory Channel Manager (Canada), at [email protected] or 416-788-1078.

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