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Safeguarding your Telco roadmap through 2022 and beyond: Kaspersky e-book

What’s next for Telco?

At Kaspersky, we’ve done the analysis for you, uncovering the tech trends that will transform the Telco sector in 2022 and beyond, and sharing tips on how to innovate securely (including an amazing section on how to build secure ecosystem partnerships).

Find out how to leverage tech securely; discover reliable pathways to service expansion and monetization, and make 2022 a hit year without putting your business (or your customers) at risk.

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Connect with Cybersecurity for Telco

Kaspersky helps global Telcos transform securely, with perfectly engineered solutions and services backed by legendary Threat Intelligence; protecting data, customers, and business continuity 24/7 against advanced threats and targeted attacks.

We’ve organized our 2022 portfolio into three stages to make it easy for you to find the cybersecurity configuration your Telco company needs. Whatever stage you’re at, you’ll find the solutions you need to protect your business (and your customers) and roll out your roadmap with total confidence and conviction in 2022 and beyond.

Explore Kaspersky’s 2022 portfolio

What Telcos need to know about Cybersecurity

Striking a balance between usability and security – insights on Fraud Prevention and more, written by Kaspersky analysts for global Telco leaders.

Want to understand the benefits of managed detection and response? Top of the list is peace of mind.

When you’re under attack from Zero Day and other advanced cyberthreats, you need a GReAT team to hunt them down.

How can Telcos and governments promote secure 5G projects in Smart Cities? Three top Kaspersky researchers share exclusive insights in our report on 5G Security and Privacy for Smart Cities.

What your peers have to say

“Right from the beginning we both sensed a willingness to look beyond a purely commercial relationship and there was a clear aim to develop a real partnership. Our teams work very well together and hopefully this anti-malware initiative will provide a model for collaboration that we can apply on many productive projects in the future.”

“What is most valuable is that there is a genuinely creative atmosphere everywhere within Kaspersky Lab. The employees believe they are the best in the field and are saving the world from all manner of cybercrime. The extensive research base ensures that Kaspersky Lab will always be on the front line in the fight against cyber threats, which is so important in our time.”