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Affordable, easy to install and super fast, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is designed for businesses with greater goals.

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Dedicate minutes not hours to security each week with our easy-to-use cloud solution, and protect your people wherever they are. Ongoing support comes as standard, so you can be sure we’re always at your side. And when you’re ready to level up, access our on-demand training modules at no extra cost.

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Protect from known and advanced malware threats

File-, Web-, Mail Threat protection File-, Web-, Mail Threat protection File-, Web-, Mail Threat protection
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Prevent computers from encryption

Ransomware prevention and malicious activity roll-back Ransomware prevention and malicious activity roll-back Ransomware prevention and malicious activity roll-back
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Detect, understand and respond to threats

Root Cause Analysis Endpoint Detection and Response
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Build skills with cybersecurity training

Cybersecurity training for administrators
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Take control of device usage

Web Control and Device Control Application Control, Web Control and Device Control
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Ensure safe cloud adoption

Cloud Discovery Cloud blocking and security for Microsoft Office 365 Cloud blocking and security for Microsoft Office 365
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Protect sensitive data

Data Discovery Data Discovery
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Save time on routine tasks

Vulnerability Scan Patch Management and Encryption Management Patch Management and Encryption Management
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Support mobility and BYOD

Two Android/iOS devices per user Two Android/iOS devices per user Two Android/iOS devices per user
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Cybersecurity trainings

6 Education modules for Admin role

Why choose Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud?

We’ve been helping businesses succeed in the digital world for over 25 years. We process our cyberthreat data in Switzerland and our code is open for review in our Transparency Centers. Better still, we’re continuously ranked among the top cybersecurity vendors in the world.

Only Kaspersky ensures 100% protection from ransomware

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud demonstrated 100% efficiency against ransomware attacks, according to a recent assessment by AV-TEST. As a result of three different scenarios and 113 attack samples, the product didn’t lose a single user file and outran 10 different cybersecurity vendors.


Most tested.
Most Awarded.

You can trust Kaspersky products to receive top scores and set industry standards for advanced security.

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The solution achieved 100% detection rate on all tested German PII types while avoiding any false positive detections in assessment “Personal Identifiable Information Protection: Sensitive Data Discovery Test” by AT-Test


The solution demonstrated the unbeatable results in protecting against sophisticated ransomware attacks executed in assessment “Advanced Endpoint Protection: Ransomware Protection Test” by AV-Test


The solution has shown unbeatable Detection and Protection rates among all top players in complex assessment “Advanced Endpoint Protection: Fileless Threat Protection Test” by AV-Test Kaspersky Endpoint Security


The solution finished TOP1 in 2019 and TOP2 in 2020 in “Advanced Threat Protection Test” by AV-Comparatives, and regularly receives mark ‘Approved’ for particulation in the Main Test Series Business by AV-Comparatives


The solution received annual award “Best Enterprise Endpoint 2020” by SE Labs for the combination of successful continual public testing, private assessments and feedback from clients. During 2020, the highest grade ‘AAA’ was earned in all four quarterly certification, as well as the highest Total Accuracy Rating in three tests, and TOP3 result in the fourth test.

What’s under the hood?

A complete range of security features

Level up your IT staff, enjoy cloud benefits and protect any device, anywhere.

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Protection anyone can manage

All you need is a web browser and 15 minutes a week to harness our world-leading cloud security.

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Cloud Discovery and Blocking

Find and stop unauthorized cloud service usage to reduce risk and maintain data compliance.

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Cybersecurity training

We’ve made cybersecurity training modules available on demand, at no additional cost, so your people can build skills anywhere, anytime. Everything is available from a single dashboard with no need to register.

Ignite your security posture with on-demand training
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Malicious software

  • Verify the existence or absence of a malware-related incident
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Potentially unwanted programs and files (PuPs)

  • Work with system and sandbox event monitors
  • Use statistical engines
  • Remove PUPs
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Investigation basics

  • Collect digital evidence
  • Analyze NetFlow traffic
  • Analyze timelines
  • Analyze log events
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Phishing and open source intelligence (OSINT)

  • Analyze phishing emails and delete obfuscated phishing emails from user mailboxes
  • Use OSINT to understand what hackers know about your company
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Server security

  • Search for vulnerable and non-standard network services
  • Configure systems according to the “default deny” principle
  • Search for signs of an attack in PowerShell logs
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Active Directory security

  • Check for password hashes in a database safely
  • Search for inconsistencies between recommended and actual domain policies
  • Assess the security of Active Directory settings
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Building your personal brand and strengthening your reputation as a cyber pro

Here's why developing cyber skills can increase your value to your employer

Learn how to become a cyber pro

Peer reviews


Kaspersky is the Software Reviews market leader for endpoint protection in 2023, scoring 8.9 with 90% likeliness to recommend.

Ready to start?

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Across the world, growing businesses are revolutionizing their approach to cybersecurity, saving time, money, data, and stress by using Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.

We’ve made it easy for you to solve the full range of IT security challenges, providing total resilience for remote working, hot-desking and whatever tomorrow brings. It’s flexible too, delivering optimal resource utilization for growing businesses.

All you need is an internet browser and an internet connection

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Sign up and create an account at cloud.kaspersky.com

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Add devices to be protected

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Create a workspace and deploy endpoint software. A default policy is applied automatically to every connected device

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Spend 15 mins a week (approx.) on management

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Built-in 30-day trial. That’s it! Users are protected

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