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More than 80% of IT security leaders say their role has transformed from pure-play cybersecurity into that of ‘risk management professional’
What makes a CISO successful?
1. That the sky does not fall on my head! I mean no successful attack that damages the company
2. HR Management
3. Collaboration 

With many now reporting to the wider business, the profile and perception of the CISO role is changing.
  • What does a typical CISO profile look like?
  • How is IT security structured?
  • What risks do a leader in IT Security deal with?

This study seeks to answer these questions and more! In a first-of-its-kind survey, Kaspersky Lab and PAC spoke with IT leaders and CISOs in more than 250 companies worldwide to analyze the developments worldwide with regard to the CISO’s role and organization. 

Get a glimpse into unique perspectives by top IT security leaders, that could prove valuable in your future information security decisions. Download the report now.


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CISO from a construction company