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We are carefully watching the events unfolding in and around Ukraine. These are challenging and uncertain times but our key priority remains the same – to protect our customers in any country from cyberthreats.

  • We anticipate that the current conflict will lead to a growing number of cyberthreats.
  • Threat actors will be trying to exploit the ongoing crisis for their own ends.
  • To confront this potential wave of cyberattacks, businesses worldwide need to have access to trusted and timely threat intelligence.

So, to help you enable effective defenses, we’re announcing a special offer – access to independent, continuously updated and globally-sourced information on ongoing cyberattacks and threats, at no charge.

This offer includes:

  • Threat Lookup
  • Cloud Sandbox
  • APT, Crimeware and ICS Threat Intelligence Reporting – your choice of 10 reports from our complete knowledge base
  • Threat Intelligence related to attacks in Ukraine and neighboring regions will be provided on request in addition to the other reports.

Since 2017, Kaspersky has been implementing a massive package of measures for greater transparency, reaffirming the security and reliability of our solutions. These include the relocation of our data processing infrastructure to Switzerland for users in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Middle East, and also several countries in Asia-Pacific. The security and integrity of our data services and engineering practices are verified by independent third-party assessments. Kaspersky’s business operations remain stable, and our technological and operational processes are robust and resilient.

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