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Embrace digital opportunities in total safety: free Kaspersky e-book

What’s next for retail?

At Kaspersky, we’ve done the analysis for you, uncovering the tech trends that will transform the retail sector tomorrow and beyond, together with suggestions for innovating securely.

It’s all in our exclusive e-book for retail leaders, and you can get a free copy right now.

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Cybersecurity for retailers that fits

Kaspersky helps retailers transform securely, with perfectly engineered solutions and services backed by legendary Threat Intelligence, protecting data, customers, and business continuity 24/7 against advanced threats and targeted attacks.

Learn more about how we can help you build a safer future in retail with Kaspersky’s three-stage cybersecurity approach.

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Retail in the city of the future

Retail is one of the key industries that will shape the city of the future – that’s why we’re bringing the full power of Kaspersky’s legendary expertise to nurturing fear-free retail innovation across the globe.

No industry is an island, so we’re inviting you to explore how cybersecurity works in other various industry verticals.

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Vital insights for cyber-wise retail leaders

What do retailers need to know about tech vulnerabilities to bonus abuse, loyalty fraud, new account fraud and account?

Want to understand the benefits of managed detection and response? Top of the list is peace of mind.

Embedded Systems Security – what’s at stake, and what are the challenges?

Ransomware hasn’t gone away. Get under the skin of the latest stats, and what they mean for the future of ransomware

How ‘phygital’ tech could save post-pandemic retail stores

Kaspersky for retail – a customer story from Italy

“From the beginning the Kaspersky product [Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business] has worked extremely well. It was so easy to deploy, it’s a product that ensures a quick return on investment (ROI) and we’ve had no complaints from anyone about slow performance or interference.”