Kaspersky Web Traffic Security

During 2018, almost a third of endpoints encountered at least one web-based cyberthreat. Kaspersky products detected and blocked more than 500 million unique malicious URLs, repelling 1.8 billion attacks launched via online resources around the world. Web gateways provide a key juncture for containing incoming web-based threats, and early prevention is always better than late attempts to handle contagion.

New features and benefits

Become a Kaspersky Web Traffic Security 6.1 beta tester today, and stop cyberthreats before they can compromise your infrastructure. Test drive our latest web gateway technologies and:

Enjoy protection from the very latest web-based threats including malware, ransomware and miners

Block malicious and phishing websites before they can reach and threaten your users

Reduce your risk of infection and boost employee productivity with customizable Web Control rules

See how multi-tenancy delivers easy management and control of multiple systems from one central console

Check out the application’s ease of scalability and see just how much traffic it can protect

Deploy our new all-in-one, ready-to-use Secure Web Gateway virtual appliance – complete with pre-configured proxy server – equally suitable for your on-prem and/or cloud implementation

Add a new web sensor, delivering automated prevention capabilities, to your Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack detection powerhouse*

Join our beta testing program today

Beta testing runs from 16th September, 2019, so get on board right away.

* Applies to current Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack platform users only

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