Beta test Kaspersky Web  Traffic Security today!

Join our beta testing program today

Beta test Kaspersky Web Traffic Security today!

Join our beta testing
program today

In 2017, almost a third of endpoints encountered at least one web-based cyberthreat. Kaspersky Lab products detected and blocked almost 200 million unique web URLs, repelling 1.2 billion attacks launched via online resources around the world. Proxy servers are a key point for containing incoming threats, and prevention is always better than cure.

New features and benefits

Become a Kaspersky Web Traffic Security beta tester today and stop cyberthreats before they can reach the endpoint. Test drive a host of new features and benefits:

Protection from malware and ransomware – the latest threats are promptly detected.

Extensive threat intelligence and specialized machine learning powered algorithms block malicious and phishing websites before they can threaten users.

Boost employee productivity with customizable Web Control rules to restrict certain web resources.

For MSPs and diversified businesses, multi-tenancy delivers easy management and control of multiple systems from a central console.

Additional information

Kaspersky Web Traffic Security delivers security while working online and stops malicious and potentially harmful programs from entering the corporate network.

Join our beta testing program today! Beta testing runs from 16 July 2018. Following installation, beta users complete the provided test scenarios and submit their feedback using this form.

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