A unique opportunity to get Incident Response Emergency for free

Has a security incident already occurred? We’ll help you investigate and stop the breach.

  • Free offer is valid for one incident from June thru August 2024
  • Available around the world for customers with 1000+ endpoints in their infrastructure
  • Delivered remotely

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We can help you:

To reduce the impact of a security breach or an attack on your IT environment;

To prepare a remediation plan for complete threat elimination and further implementation of protection measures;

To identify possible incident causes and sources;

To reconstruct the cyber security incident’s chronology and logic.

Get insights into Kaspersky Incident investigation services

Check out our annual report covering analysis of all the incidents investigated worldwide by Kaspersky throughout the year.

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About the service

Kaspersky Incident Response, delivered by our renowned Global Emergency and Response Team (GERT), guarantees rapid, reliable, expert incident response, digital forensics and malware analysis.

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  • Free of charge emergency rapid response, analysis, containment is available only for one security incident, to «best effort» service level agreement for companies with 1000+ endpoints.
  • The offer is valid from June until end August 2024.
  • The organizer has the right to refuse a client without giving reasons.
  • Only clients who completed the form on this landing page and qualify for the conditions of the promotion can participate.
  • Clients submitting a form consent to transfer their personal data to Kaspersky.
  • This offer is not valid in Russia and the CIS.
  • *Valid for new Kaspersky Incident Response customers only.