Kaspersky Interaction Protection Simulation

Make security awareness training real life relevant and fun!

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation — a fast, engaging, enjoyable gamification of real-life cyber scenarios for building security awareness and cooperation between C-level executives, departmental managers and staff

What you'll learn and how you'll benefit

  • How to manage real-life and cyber scenarios and make strategic security decisions to repel cyberattacks and protect business continuity and profitability

  • How to make key decisions and avoid mistakes when combatting emerging threats

  • How top-down and interdepartmental security engagement and cooperation fortifies your entire security infrastructure

  • How crucial your own cybersecurity role is in ensuring the organization’s business continuity and profitability

Enterprise scenarios for all vertical sectors

Select and customize (as desired) from predefined scenarios covering 13 vertical sectors. See more...

  • Petrochemical industry

    Protect revenues of a global oil & energy organization from cyberattacks

  • Petrochemical holding

    Ensure functioning of new branch of a large petrochemical holding focusing on ethylene production

  • Power station

    Protect industrial control systems and critical infrastructure from Stuxnet-style cyberattacks

  • Water Plant

    Protect the IT infrastructure of a water purification plant, ensuring the stability of two production lines

  • Oil & Gas

    Explore the impact of a variety of threats including website defacement, ransomware and a sophisticated APT

  • Local Public Administration

    Protect public web servers from attacks and exploits

  • Bank

    Protect financial institutions from high-level emerging APTs such as Tyukpin, Carbanak

  • Corporation

    Protect the enterprise from ransomware, APTs, automation security flaws

  • Transportation

    Protect logistic companies from Heartbleed, APT, B2B Ransomware, Insider

  • Airport

    Ensure passenger safety and timely delivery of goods protecting an airport’s assets from cyberattacks and threats

  • Technical Attribution

    Investigate and conduct a technical attribution of a complex APT attack on UN servers

  • SMBs

    Protect SMBs from cybersecurity threats related to DDoS, Ransomware, Mobile App hack and Identity theft

  • Telecom

    Protect assets of a large telecommunications holding (telecoms provider, cloud service provider, game developer) from cyberattacks


Join the trend! Make security awareness engaging, real-life and fun! Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation is...

  • Relevant

    simulate real-life cyber scenarios and make strategic security decisions to repel cyberattacks and protect business continuity and profitability

  • Flexible

    play Live or Online or combined to add remote teams to the on-site event

  • Productive

    up to 300 teams (1000 trainees) participate simultaneously, from any location

  • Personalized

    adapt pre-installed scenarios by choosing and combining the type and number of different cyberattacks from resources available

  • Multinational

    select choice of game interface language and play without borders

  • Good value

    choose from flexible licensing allowing to play KIPS as often as required


KIPS Online

Perfect for larger, geographically dispersed organizations needing flexibility and combines seamlessly with KIPS live to add remote teams to onsite training.

  • 2.5 hours per game including after-discussion of lessons learned
  • Up to 300 teams (1000 participants) interact simultaneously, from any location
  • Game sessions trainer-led via WebEx or Microsoft Teams
  • Teams choose game interface language
  • Create new scenarios or customize predefined scenarios using different combinations of attacks
  • Play as many times as required within the license period
  • Gather data on players’ and teams’ actions to identify shortfalls and performance improvement



Live competition fosters cooperation, initiative and analysis skills, and it’s enjoyable!

  • 2.5 hours per game including after-discussion of lessons learned
  • Up to 80 trainees in the same room
  • Chosen language for all participants
  • On-site trainer and assistant
  • Teamwork builds cooperation between different functions
  • Combines seamlessly with online version


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