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Preventing threats from becoming guests

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to the global hospitality industry. So how can companies leverage the benefits of digital transformation in key areas such as smart rooms, the Internet of Things, personalization, personally identifiable information and cloud adoption, while also combatting the unique challenges presented by property management systems, guest Wi-Fi, internal actors and more?

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Cybersecurity for hospitality companies that fits

When it comes to cybersecurity, hospitality is unusual in that even though the industry faces significant cyberthreats, the level of protection implemented by many companies can be relatively low.

Kaspersky’s three-stage cybersecurity approach means that whatever threats you face, and whatever the security skills of your internal IT team, our solutions will protect your organization, customers and guests.

Learn more about how we can help you build a safer future in hospitality.

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See how we’re protecting the city of the future

Hospitality is just one of many industry sectors in which we’re protecting organizations of all sizes from evolving cyberthreats. Explore our city of the future to find out more.

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A customer story from Portugal

“Because our mission is to deliver an hotel group fully align with the vision of our Leader Mohsen Al Jaber, Vice Chairman. A complete secure and 360º solution was imperative for us to include on the IT Transformation initiated by November 2015.”