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We face these cybersecurity challenges head-on:

  • There’s a shortage of security experts, while complex security incidents are booming
  • Elite cybersecurity teams are under-resourced, with inadequate tools, training, support and Threat Intelligence
  • The level of complexity (of threats and infrastructure alike) today is staggering

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Kaspersky solves these challenges with a Three-Pillar approach to conquering complex cyber incidents:


Equip your in-house experts to address complex cybersecurity incidents

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack (KATA) Platform with Kaspersky EDR Expert is a Native Extended Detection and Response solution that, powered by advanced threat intelligence and mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, delivers all-in-one protection against complex and targeted attacks. Every potential entry point - your network, web, email, PCs, laptops, servers and virtual machines in public clouds - is fully visible and fully defended under your centralized control.

Tough challenges demand rigorous solutions. KATA with Kaspersky EDR covers all core XDR-capabilities:

  • Combining signals from multiple entry points - network, web, mail, endpoints and cloud workloads - all fully visible and fully defended under your centralized control.
  • Providing response options beyond infrastructure control points (network and endpoints) with integrated Threat Intelligence and Sandboxing.
  • Providing cross-product automation capabilities, with dozens of automation scripts and public API for integration into the most complex environments.
  • Incorporating leading-edge Threat Intelligence data for faster, more accurate alert triage.
  • Supporting Incident Response (IR) process coordination, including the assessment of potential business impacts based on asset severity.
  • Providing IR guidance based on Kaspersky's unequalled expertise.
  • Together with Kaspersky Endpoint Protection (EPP), providing centralized asset inventory, vulnerability assessment and prioritization (based on CVE scores and the presence of exploits 'in the wild') through our Vulnerability Assessment module.
    Kaspersky XDR based on KATA+EDR fully equips your in-house experts to discover, prioritize, investigate and neutralize complex threats and APT-like attacks.


Enrichment by threat intelligence and upskilling of your experts

Enhance internal competence

To gain true mastery, learning must never end

Leading Threat Intelligence

  • Integrate unequalled threat intelligence into your security program. Kaspersky Threat Intelligence gives you instant access to technical, tactical, operational and strategic TI.
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Comprehensive cybersecurity training

Develop your in-house team’s practical skills, including working with digital evidence, analyzing & detecting malicious software, and adopting best practices for incident response, with Kaspersky Cybersecurity Training.



Call upon external experts for assessment, immediate support and back up

Support your experts with our trusted guidance

Even the most expert teams need reinforcement

Kaspersky Incident

Take advantage of immediate support with Kaspersky Incident Response carried out by highly experienced cyber-intrusion detection analysts and investigators, working towards the resolution of your cyber-incident.


Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response

Benefit from a second opinion from a trusted and highly qualified partner, providing you with a round-the-clock security monitoring, managed threat hunting and guidance with Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response.


Kaspersky Security Assessment

Let us test your organization's security preparedness and your effective defenses against potential future threats, as well as conducting a one-time compromise audit of your infrastructure to find traces of compromise, all this with Kaspersky Security Assessment


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