Sail on through cloud obstacles

Secure your cloud workloads whatever the weather with our resource-saving and compliance-ready enterprise-level ecosystem.

The dilemma:


Of organizations use the cloud in some way

AAG. The Latest Cloud Computing Statistics, 2023


Of companies deploy containers

CNCF Annual Report, 2022

But rapid adoption of cloud-computing and containerization technologies is set to continue, bringing new, sophisticated security challenges.

The solution:

Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security (CWS) multi-tool ecosystem, incorporating Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security (KHCS) and Kaspersky Container Security (KCS) capabilities, protects workloads – physical, virtualized or containerized – wherever they are deployed (private, public or hybrid clouds), against the broadest range of cyber risks and attacks.

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Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security - Value delivered:

Best cloud and DevOps protection practices…

delivering broadest range of security capabilities, superb technical support, flexible licensing options and user-friendly infrastructure slashing operational complexity and management costs.

Constant cloud infrastructure regulatory compliance support…

through system hardening, agent self-defense for vulnerability assessment, automated patch management and CIS benchmarks audit.

Optimized visualization and resource consumption…

with accelerated incidents analysis, streamlined cloud infrastructure inventory and automated security and proprietary technology saving up to 30% of virtualization hardware resources in private clouds.

Continuous, multi-layered security hardening of cloud-based environments…

incorporating real-time threat intelligence, machine learning algorithms powered by human expertise and CIS benchmarks audit.

Who is the solution for…

Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security meets the needs of large and medium-sized organizations across all industry verticals in every region worldwide:

Embarking, or about to embark, on a cloud migration or containerization strategy.

Evolving from a DevOps approach to a DevSecOps solution supporting regulatory compliance.

Explore Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security…

User-friendly interfaces, optimal infrastructure performance, cost-efficient, resource-saving capabilities, enhanced visibility, compliance-readiness and flexible licensing.

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A glimpse at our Cloud Workload Security whitepaper…

Kaspersky, in partnership with ISG Provider Lens™, invite you to take a deep dive into cloud adoption and security developments including:

  • What’s driving enterprises migrating to cloud, and security challenges they face embracing cloud.
  • Future cloud workload security (CWS) imperatives, what to look for when selecting a CWS platform.
  • On prem vs Containers. Which security factors to consider. How best to fortify container platforms.
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Special offers valid through 2024!*

12 months Kaspersky Premium Support at base level cost for Kaspersky Container Security (KCS) purchasing both Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security (KHCS) and Kaspersky Container Security (KCS). For existing KHCS customers, we also offer KCS Premium at the solution’s base level cost.

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