Kaspersky Anti-Cheat

Helps you protect fair play from cheating in e-sports and online PC games

Focus on doing your job – we’ll take care of security!

Gaming’s all about fun. Save resources and concentrate on the things you enjoy, while we keep it fair.



Because we care about user experience, we perform all processes on our internal cloud server and cause no interruption to game play, while simultaneously making security tools harder to bypass.


We spent a long time on cheat research, enriching our evidence base with the ability for incident investigation. We do our best to protect fair players from false accusations.


Cybersecurity is our backbone. Based on time-tested AV technologies and backed by a team of devoted professionals, Kaspersky Anti-Cheat’s algorithms deliver best-in-class protection services that are easy to use and hard to subvert.

How it works

All heroes wear masks. Our goal is to reveal cheats, even if we remain in the shadows. We offer various types of collaboration, providing a full range of security services and support to your brand enterprise.

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Get customized Anti-Cheat

Easily integrate with your platform

Detect and prevent cheating

Keep your community healthy, your money safe and your reputation impeccable


Easy API integration

Real-time cheat reports

No performance influence

Supports CS:GO, PUBG and more

Online Games

Real-time and post-analysis detection

Cheat prevention technology

Manageable reports system

Perfect for Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine

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