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Kaspersky Smart Home Security

An innovative security product built for home routers. Enabling ISPs to protect customer-premises equipment, including smart home devices such as speakers, TVs and thermostats.

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Product Overview

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From speakers to TVs, doorbells to thermostats, billions of smart home devices exist today. And with the IoT market set to grow 11% year-on-year till 2024 — driven by the adoption of speakers, thermostats and cameras connected via home routers — users are increasingly being targeted by criminals eager to exploit new technologies.

Kaspersky Smart Home Security has been created to address the growing need for smart device security. Built from the ground up, it lets broadband and mobile ISPs provide their customers with a solution for effortlessly managing smart home protection.

ISPs can remotely install our solution on the home router of any user who requests the service. After this, the user installs an app on their smartphone to enable simple management and protection of their smart home and IoT devices.

Protection Features

Intrusion Prevention

File scan &

Internet port

Malicious site

Brute force
attack blocker

Security Check

Weak password

Vulnerable internet ports &
protocol alerts

Parental Control

Internet access

Website & content

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Who it’s built for

Kaspersky Smart Home Security has been created for customers of:

  • Mobile ISPs
  • Broadband ISPs

Endpoint user
threat protection

Guards from malware, ransomware, home security vulnerabilities, privacy violations & more


ISPs can remotely install our IoT security agent on the home router of any customer

customer app

Allows users to easily manage security & settings from their iOS or Android smartphones

Benefit from our
solution today

Enjoy increased sales & customer loyalty - plus reduced churn & sharpened competitive edge

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A Part of our Complete Consumer Cybersecurity Portfolio

Kaspersky Smart Home Security is an element of our complete portfolio for Internet Service Providers. This portfolio includes products and services for endpoints, routers and operators’ networks. Benefit from upselling and cross-selling leading Kaspersky security products to ensure maxim customer satisfaction.

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Contact and Trial Request