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Businesses have had to deal with seismic changes in the nature of work as a result of the pandemic and the accompanying economic downturn. They are still struggling to keep pace with workplace transformation, and added to that, a widening digital skills gap, growing regulatory requirements, and a threat landscape that constantly metamorphosizes.

According to IDC's 2022 Asia/Pacific Enterprise Services and Security Sourcing Survey, 43% of businesses mentioned that aligning business goals with security priorities was the biggest challenge to improving IT security capabilities.

Businesses now realize that cyberattacks are inevitable and therefore must stay cyber resilient. But what does a cyber resilient organization look like? Why is it important? How can it be achieved? This Analyst Brief provides insights into these questions and highlights how digital leaders can achieve a competitive advantage and cyber resilience through collaborative efforts within its ecosystem of partners, vendors, customers, and end users.

Read the IDC Analyst Brief, Building Cyber Resiliency in a Digital-First Era, to find out more.

*The IDC Analyst Brief, “Building Cyber Resiliency in a Digital-First Era”, is commissioned by Kaspersky.

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