Kaspersky Security Awareness

Forrester recognises Kaspersky Lab in the “Niche” vendor segment in the Now Tech: Security Awareness And Training Solutions, Q1 2019 Report

Building a human firewall with security awareness and training solutions.

Kaspersky Security Awareness is a portfolio of computer-based training products, utilizing the latest learning techniques and addressing all levels of the organizational structure.

What are the ‘Niche’ vendors values?

Forrester defines ‘niche’ Security Awareness training solutions as those that “take a learning-by-doing approach. Many have in-person workshops that can educate the entire workforce or are catered for just executives or developers. They also offer cyberattack simulations … or other microlearning gamification techniques”.

The report makes a number of recommendations about what to look for in a Security Awareness training program:

“Prioritize solutions that have expertise in humans, not just security”. “Pick solutions whose experts are well versed in behavioral psychology, science, and user experience design”

“Invest in a new culture, rather just buying an awareness solution”

Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform (ASAP) helps security leaders implement recommendations like the above in their organization’s culture:

  • ASAP optimizes employee engagement, knowledge retention and skills application through a heuristic approach, based on a scientific understanding of how we all best learn and absorb new skills.
  • A ‘pattern perception’ based training methodology empowers the employee to respond appropriately, even when faced with a completely new threat
  • Interval micro-learning with constant reinforcement, directly relevant interactive exercises and gamification work together in Kaspersky Security Awareness training programs not just to educate, but to change behavior
  • Our two training platforms, one for growing businesses and one for large enterprises, both focus on creating a new cybersafety culture throughout the organization.

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Learn more about Kaspersky Security Awareness https://www.kaspersky.com/small-to-medium-business-security/security-awareness-platform

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