Read the findings of this exclusive report, completed by 5564 IT Professionals in 38 countries across the world

Now in its 5th year, Kaspersky Lab’s Global IT Security Risks Survey collects insights from IT professionals around the world. Conducted by research specialists B2B International and analyzed by Kaspersky Lab’s expert threat intelligence and research teams, the report is an essential look at the industry’s prevailing attitudes and strategies towards IT security. It also serves as an industry benchmark to help businesses understand the type and level of IT security threats they face.

This year has seen another cavalcade of high profile cyber-attacks making headlines. With them has come an increasing awareness among businesses that, along with the attacks that make waves in the press, there are a wide range of ‘quieter’ threats that are a danger to their operations. In particular, there’s a growing realization that in our hyper-connected world, it’s not just their own security that businesses should be concerned with. Consequently, the vulnerability of third parties – especially those connected to financial transactions – has risen up the agenda. For instance, of those surveyed this year, 72% would pay close attention to a bank’s security record before choosing to work with them. Furthermore, 90% of larger organizations would happily pay a premium to make their transactions more secure. Of course, money is far from the only resource businesses need to protect.

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