Kaspersky Security Awareness was recognized as a ‘Contender’ in “The Forrester Wave™: Security Awareness And Training Solutions, Q1 2020. The 12 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up”.

The report evaluates 12 security awareness and training (SA&) providers identified by Forrester. The report measures each provider’s capabilities and analyzes changes and trends in security awareness training market to help customers choose a provider based on their needs.

Kaspersky Security Awareness portfolio offers all of the below elements outlined by Forrester as key features to look for in a provider:

Psychological research, behavioral science, data science, and creative learning

Microlearning and gamification involving teams and encouraging competition

Variety of languages with localized messaging including imagery

Support centers in different countries

The Forrester report says

“Small organizations looking for a large content library and an automated solution should consider Kaspersky” along with “Customer references were happy with the support, the content length, and automated communications; they noted the lack of topic and question customization and difficulty in adding users to the platform as areas for improvement”

Our upcoming product development incorporates:

Significant content upgrades

New, highly engaging gamified training products

A training solution utilizing the latest learning and development technologies

New support and onboarding tools

Kaspersky’s comprehensive Security Awareness portfolio consists of online training solutions that help develop cybersafety culture within organizations and increase awareness and involvement of all employees at all levels in tackling cybersecurity issues.

Kaspersky’s solutions are backed by the company’s 20+ years experience in cybersecurity and utilize e-learning technologies and human factors studies to ensure maximum learning efficiency.

Kaspersky Security Awareness consists of:

Gamified training like Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) for decision makers and CyberSafety Management Games (CSMG) offer true gamification that promotes competition and employee engagement.

Our two training platforms Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform – for SMBs and Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training for enterprises (available June’20) approach is based on human factor science and specifics of adult education with both focusing on behavior change.

Kaspersky ASAP content of interactive micro-lessons, tests, and simulated phishing attacks drastically reduce potential harm to an organization through as a result of employee ignorance or negligence.

Cybersecurity for IT Online (CITO) through interactive microlessons and tasks based on the simulation of the real processes equip generalist IT specialist with essential skills and knowledge.