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How ready is your business to defend against Advanced Persistent Threats?

While the threats and techniques that cybercriminals use are constantly evolving and becoming more focused on specific targeted environment, too many businesses are relying on yesterday’s security technologies to protect against today’s cyber attacks.

In order to maintain effective cybersecurity strategy for data protection, Kaspersky Lab introduces Threat Management and Defense (TMD) framework - putting together a well-matched combination of security solutions and services against data breaches, comprehensive sources of threat intelligence and human expertise that will enable the organization to implement its own business-aligned Adaptive Security Strategy. With TMD, organizations get a seamless framework of security operation, including rapid threat discovery, incident response and investigation, training and remediation to strengthen its Cyber Defense against advanced threats.

IDC Advanced Persistent Threat Findings across APAC

IDC surveyed 200 organizations in Asia-Pacific across industries to establish what they know of, and how actively they are responding to APTs. According to the survey, 77% indicated they are underprepared to address the volume and velocity of APTs.  What is alarming is that 64% surveyed are unable to understand how to define an APT.

To stay ahead of APTs and enhance the overall security posture, IDC advises organizations to enhance visibility of network, endpoint and security infrastructure without increasing complexity by seeking out a solution platform with centralized administration that can automate the advanced threat management cycle by combining multi-layered detection from an anti-APT solution with endpoint detection and response capabilities.

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Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense Framework

Effectively PREVENT the threats

Harden your systems, using integrated security solutions and tools. Ensure your employees and security team are aware of threats and IT security trends.

Rapidly DETECT the breach

Discover existing security breaches and attempts to penetrate your network Confirm security incidents, assess severity and prioritize your response
Carefully RESPOND to incidents

Take immediate action to mitigate the consequences of a ‘live’ attack Conduct investigations – including deep-level forensic processes
PREDICT what could happen 

Assess potential security gaps across your corporate network Improve security using Threat Intelligence to guard against future threats

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