Combat cybersecurity
threats without
the cost of
an expert

Industry and customer acclaimed cybersecurity technologies – with EDR at the core – empower you to detect and prevent evasive attacks at lightning speed – with no extra effort from your team.
Kaspersky EDR Optimum
Kaspersky Sandbox
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

The complex threat horizon

Increased risk of targeted attacks
Remote working and the proliferation of devices increase the likelihood of successful targeted attacks
Human error and complacency
Today’s web-savvy employees have notoriously lax attitudes towards cybersecurity
Dangerous delays in remediation
Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the fact that businesses are struggling to analyze, respond and remediate promptly
1. Kaspersky EDR Optimum
2. Kaspersky Sandbox2
3. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

EDR Optimum

Slash the risk of targeted attack

Give your IT specialists the wide-open visibility they need to understand and scope potential attacks in an instant

Take action before damage can occur

Automated advanced threat prevention and IoC checks significantly reduce the burden on your team

Hit the ground running with EDR

Instant, seamless adoption of EDR functionality within an award-winning pre-installed endpoint agent, with unified and easy management

Additional layer of defense

Combat the growing number and complexity of modern threats, even without in-house IT security analysts

Automated response

Advanced detection and automated response across all protected endpoints, with no impact on endpoint performance

No additional IT security analyst costs

Frees up highly valued security analysts to focus on solving only the most critical tasks

Proven best-in-industry protection

  • Protects your company against known and unknown threats
  • Reduces your exposure to attack by applying adaptive hardening to endpoints
  • Secures diverse environments without impacting on performance

Automated response

  • Helps prevent loss and theft of confidential business data
  • Security adviser and Adaptive Anomaly Control
  • System hardening to control your infrastructure
  • Streamlines inventory and patching

No additional IT security analyst costs

  • Unified management – on premise or cloud
  • Saves time by automating OS and software deployment tasks
  • Cuts complexity and Total Cost of Ownership
Core features

Feature spotlight

How this solution addresses
our customer’s pain-points

Cuts risk and makes life easier
Kaspersky’s fully integrated stack of powerful protection, detection and response technologies stops advanced and targeted attacks against organizations across the globe and across sectors, while actually making life easier for IT specialists.
Prevents employees from exposing themselves, and your business, to attacks
Identifies and blocks abnormal user behavior (or risky admin policy settings), and automates critical but tedious routine IT security tasks that might otherwise be neglected.
Maximizes the number of incidents processed, without increasing manpower costs
Processes the majority of incidents automatically, liberating vital resources that you can dedicate to tasks that genuinely demand human input.

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